leaking roof

Quick Fixes That Every DIYer Should Know

Not every DIY task is as time consuming and expensive as you may think, there are plenty of projects and repairs that can be done in a couple of minutes with a few pieces of equipment, but they can make a massive difference. Squeaky Door Hinges Squeaking...
eco friendly hero

Eco-Friendly Building Materials Of The Future

As we advance through increasingly modern times, a number of industries have taken steps and developed technology that is leading the world in a more eco-friendly direction, this includes the construction industry. With the use of these materials, eventually homes and buildings will be able...
composite vs timber

Timber vs Composite Decking: Which One Is Best?

Decking has quickly become the popular and trendy choice for the focal point of any garden or outdoor area, but the trouble can start when it comes to choosing which material to use. You could go for the traditional Timber Decking, with an authentic and rustic...
types of wood 1

Types of Wood You Need To Know About

Wood is an essential part of any construction, and has been since timber frame houses and structures were first invented, all the way up to any modern DIY creation. This amazingly versatile product can be broken down in to different types and variations, all carrying...
diy around the globe

DIY Around The World

The term “DIY” dates back thousands of years, starting with the first building that came with instructions discovered from the Ancient Greek era. Since then, cultures around the world have embraced the practice of building, modifying and repairing to create their own unique way to...