How To Spot A Cowboy Builder

When a tradesperson promises you a high standard of work at a low price, you start thinking its too good to be true, and in the case of cowboy builders, it sounds too good to be true, because it is. A run in with a cowboy...
wall mount tv

How To Guide: Wall Mounting A TV

Most of us see our television as an integral part of our living spaces, providing hours of entertainment and stimulation for everyone. Many of us choose to have our televisions mounted to a wall, providing the perfect viewing height and angle, and eliminating the need...
fire door

How To Successfully Fireproof Your Home

A house fire is among everyone’s worst nightmares, it can start in seconds and cause irreversible damage in minutes. With an estimated 37,000 house fires occurring in the UK alone every year, it seems that some might not be aware of the ways that you...
wood in winter

How To Store Your Materials & Tools Correctly In Winter

Most construction materials and tools are significantly compromised when exposed to cold weather, rendering them practically useless. Therefore, proper storage of said materials and tools is vital to maintain their quality and integrity. In regards to materials, the golden rule seems to be that you should...

How To Guide: Choosing And Installing An Interior Door

You can rarely think of a house without thinking of doors, the staple item to provide privacy and division in the rooms of your home. When it comes to building a house from scratch, or just upgrading or changing the style of your current interior...