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Biggest Construction Failures Of All Time

Sampoong Department Store Seoul, South Korea 1995 The Sampoong Department Store in Seoul was not always the building that the construction company intended. Similar to the time constraints occurring in the US during the Hyatt Regency Hotel collapse, South Korean construction companies were pressured to complete projects quickly...
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10 Essential Construction Accessories

As a builder or DIYer, the smaller tools and equipment are just as important as the large power tools to completing a project successfully. Here at Builders Marketplace, we have come up with 10 items every builder should have to hand or in their tool...
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5 Weird & Wonderful UK Houses

Housing construction usually has very basic elements that will then be customised with decorative work on the inside. However, sometimes homeowners and architects wanted to try something different in terms of exterior housing construction, and that’s how we ended up with these 5 weird and...
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Top 10 Outdoor Wood Paints & Stains

Top 10 Outdoor Wood Paints From fencing to cladding, outdoor wood can be a standout feature to your home, and common place in most gardens. Some woods are prized for their aesthetic appeal, but this can sometimes mean the durability of these woods is compromised, especially...