The best type of insulation foam board works well to insulate anything from walls, ceilings and floors.
R-30 is recommended for attics, floors, ceilings and unconditioned crawl spaces.
R-13 for the walls and R-19 for the ceilings.
Yes, rockwool insulation insulates against sound, thermal and fire, therefore if you get acoustic insulation, you will still get the benefits of thermal insulation.
The difference between acoustic and thermal insulation is that thermal helps to keep your building warm. It also stops heat transfer whereas acoustic helps stop sound vibrations.
You can install acoustic insulation in the wall cavity, in floors and in roofs.
Using acoustic insulation can effectively absorb sound.
Acoustic insulation is made of mineral wool insulation with non-directional fibre orientation.
Acoustic insulation adds mass to help stop sound vibration through a structure.
Using an acoustic insulator can be effective in absorbing sound vibration when used with other soundproofing methods.