The different grades of birch plywood are B/BB, BB/BB, BB/CP, CP/CP and C/C. All of these grades are different and can be used for various parts of a project.
Birch plywood uses veneers that are squashed together at right angles. This is called cross-bonding and it makes it stronger when more layers are added. Because of the interlocked pattern of the grain, you should pre-drill the sheet to make cutting the panel easier. We also provide a cutting service.
Yes, birch plywood is light in colour and takes paint well. It's ideal for furniture and anything else where you require a clean finish. It is also possible to stain birch plywood sheets but you may need to prepare the wood for the best results.
Yes, birch plywood is water-resistant and suitable to use for interior and exterior projects. It also maintains its strength and does not soak or deform if wet making birch plywood sheets an excellent choice for a number of projects.