Feather edge comes in a variety of widths, such as 125mm, 150mm and 200mm.
Yes, feather edge and closeboard are the same thing.
To stop warping you can install back rails on the fence, no more than 8 inches from the top and bottom.
Yes, it is very durable.
To work out how much feather edge you will need you can divide the total length of the fence by the width of the feather edge, minus the overlap.
Yes, you can screw feather edge boards.
Yes, it is a cost-effective way of achieving a durable and good looking shed.
Feather edge is a type of fencing that is made using thick wood slats.
The overlap for the feather edge should be very consistent. For boards that are 150mm wide you should have an overlap of 40mm but for boards that are wider than 150mm, a 50mm overlap is recommended.