Yes, 2 feet is the minimum depth to dig for your fence posts, but it also depends on the size and length of the posts.
Yes, treated timber will last longer and won’t rot away.
You can make a post waterproof by applying a coat of waterproofing wood sealant to the bottom of the post to protect the part going underground.
There is a couple of different options you can go for to protect your post underground, you could place a thick layer of loose gravel at the bottom of the post hole. This will prevent the wood from getting wet at the bottom.
To treat fence posts you will need to soak the bottoms of the posts in a wood preservative such as Cuprinol. This is designed for underground applications.
While tar is a way of protecting your posts, it doesn’t look great. If you treat them as soon as you get them or purchase a treated post, they will last a lot longer.
Pressure-treated fence posts can last a while underground. In optimal conditions, it can last up to 40 years but most commonly only lasts around 20 years.
Postsaver sleeves are a cost-effective and simple way of keeping your posts from rotting.
Yes, you should. Concrete is the best way to keep post in the ground securely.
How deep you dig is based on what size and length posts you have. If you have a 6ft tall fence it would need at least 2ft in the ground.