Gravel boards have 3 steel reinforcing bars.
Most industry experts do not recommend that you paint gravel boards because the paint may trap moisture.
No, you shouldn’t use gravel boards for decking.
First of all, nail a cleat to the timber fence post then nail the gravel board into the face of the cleat.
Yes, gravel boards can be cut to the required size.
Gravel board cleats are small blocks of wood approximately 150mm x 50mm x 25mm. They are used as support.
To secure gravel boards you can use clips.
Gravel boards come in 2 sizes, 6’x1' and 6’x6’.
Yes, gravel boards are often used as a way to create a decorative screen or they can be used to hide unattractive sights.
A gravel board is a wooden, concrete or composite board that is positioned underneath the fence panels, and sit on top of the ground to protect the fence from wet soil, debris and insect damage.