Hardboard is a tough, smooth and light panel made of compressed wood fibres using pressure and heat.
Hardboard is very strong and dense and often used for furniture, cabinets and countertops. Hardboard can be used for many other things as well.
Is hardboard easy to cut?

Yes, hardboard is very easy to cut. Due to its smooth surface, it can be painted really easily. Choose a blade with numerous evenly spaced teeth this type of blade will decrease the chances of the hardboard splintering.

Most wood boards have some give or bend to them. If you’re looking for something flexible then take a look at flexible plywood or flexible MDF.
Hardboard absorbs water so it’s not the best choice to use it outside due to water retention. Tempered hardboard is the better choice for outside usage.
Hardboard needs to be conditioned by scrubbing water into the rough side of the hardboard sheet. The sheet should then be laid flat on top of one another and wait 24 hours before use.