No, not all MDF is moisture-resistant, it can be identified by its green colour. Whatever MDF used should not be submerged in water because it’s not waterproof and can still swell and warp.
If it has not been sealed on all sides water can be soaked up by the MDF and cause It to warp and bow.
If you intend to paint any MDF it will need to be primed first so the paint does not sink into the MDF.
Moisture resistant MDF is usually green for identification purposes.
Moisture resistant MDF is made with compressed wood fibres that are mixed with resin to make a panel.
Moisture resistant MDF is not waterproof so it will be affected by rain. You can use a waterproof coat to seal it.
Moisture resistant MDF is ideal for areas where there is higher moisture content in the air like bathrooms. The moisture-resistant MDF is made so it doesn’t suck up any moisture from the air.
Moisture resistant MDF is not fully waterproof, it cannot be in very wet conditions or underwater. It is designed to be used in areas with a lot of humidity without splitting.
Moisture resistant MDF can be used for a lot of different things, but mainly it is used where the conditions are humid or wet.
Moisture resistant MDF is water-resistant which means it can be used in wet or humid conditions.