Phenolic resin is strong, good stability and resistant against water various acids, solvents, water and heat.
Phenol can be very toxic if ingested by humans but the phenolic is safe to touch and handle.
Yes, phenolic boards are water and moisture resistant.
Phenolic is usually a thermosetting resin or plastic made by phenol condensation mixed with an aldehyde. It’s used for moulding and insulating.
Mesh faced plywood is also known as phenolic ply it’s a panel with wall edges sealed and has a phenol film on both sides.
Phenolic provides the strongest and toughest most stable surface. The phenolic resists cracking and splitting from screws or fasteners.
Phenolic plywood is birch core bonded with a waterproof phenol resin adhesive. It is overlaid on both sides with phenol film (grade F/F).