2 arris rails are required for 1.65m, 1.8 and 2.1m fence posts. 3 arris rails are required for 2.4m fence posts, and 4 feather edge boards are required for each 300mm of the fence.
Any surface is fine as long as it is flat and smooth.
No, you should never use railway sleepers indoors or anywhere that you prepare or eat food.
The wood used for railway sleepers is usually softwoods such as pine or spruce.
Yes, most professionals recommend lining at the bottom of the bed.
To stop sleepers from rotting you can use a standard wood preserver.
The most important thing is that the sleepers are on a level and firm surface, most people will do this on top of a concrete foundation.
Yes, you can put them straight onto the soil.
To connect railway sleepers together you can use metal plates and corner braces on the inside of the build.
Railway sleepers can last 8-10 years due to pressure treatment.