You can walk on the roofing felt but you should only walk on it during the installation and for occasional cleaning or maintenance.
Insulation is laid in contact with roofing felt but felt is waterproof so it might run down the felt and make the insulation damp.
There is no evidence of ground contamination after contact with roofing felt, but you shouldn’t put it around any plants you intend to eat.
No, roofing felt is not toxic. It is considered stable and nonreactive.
Yes, roofing felt does rot over time and it will also become brittle.
Roofing felt is a cheaper option than other roofing materials but it's very effective and easy to replace.
Roofing felt is a moisture barrier so when the hot air is rising and reaches the roof, any moisture in the air condenses underneath the shingles which will get caught by the roofing felt.
Roofing felt is designed to last up to 5 years but quality can affect life expectancy.
Yes, roofing felt resists water.
Yes, you can but the area should be primed first to allow the new roofing felt to stick to the old.