The maximum safe weight is 150kg if they are evenly spaced.
Scaffold boards are the best choice for heavy-duty fence panels and are great in windy areas.
Yes, they are. Scaffold boards keep builders safe when working at heights.
Woodcon settles around the fibres of the wood and makes the scaffold board completely waterproof and protected.
Once sanded down, scaffold boards can be treated with Danish oil applied with a brush. This will get into the wood and treat it.
Scaffold boards can last 4-5 years, depending on the conditions the boards are in.
Scaffold boards are strong and are used as structural timber.
Yes, scaffold boards are susceptible to fungal decay and wet rot. If it's not stored correctly, wood is vulnerable to attack when the moisture content of the wood is over 20%. You can tell this by the discolouration of the wood.
The wood used to make scaffold boards is European whitewood.
Scaffold boards are perfect for making a pergola or outdoor living areas.