Velux windows open approximately 15-55° wide and they can open to any position up to 45°.
All of the electric and solar power windows come with a rain sensor so it will automatically close when it senses rain.
To soundproof Velux windows, you only need to install specialised, transparent panes.
Yes, they reduce heat loss and allow more solar heat in as well as daylight.
To stop the sound of rain hitting your windows, you can get triple glazing as they will dampen the sound.
Yes, you can open the windows even in the rain but to avoid rain getting inside the windows, it has a set of vents that you can open to let the air in without letting in the rain also.
No, you can install this window without having to buy this extra product.
Yes, you can install them from the inside so no need for scaffolding around the building. They come with installation instructions also.
The installation of Velux windows can take up to 2 days. Some can take longer if the weather turns bad or if other jobs take priority.
Fitting a Velux window is a challenging job that should not be taken lightly or carried out if you’re unsure that you can complete the installation.