How to Fix a Trellis to a Fence


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Fixing a trellis to a fence is a popular but simple DIY job that can be done with the use of just three items – U brackets, wood screws and a hand drill. It can be completed by individuals with limited DIY experience and shouldn’t take too much time either.


Today we’re going to explain how to fix a trellis to a fence. This popular DIY job has been done by millions of people across the world and is relatively simple to complete. We’re going to cover the importance of a job like this, as well as taking you through the step-by-step process of completing it.

Importance of Fixing a Trellis to a Fence

Although it’s not a requirement, fixing trellis to a fence can be really important for homeowners and families with limited privacy. Not everybody is blessed with garden spaces that allow families to enjoy their afternoons without onlookers judging them.

This is where trellis comes in, as you can easily add an extra layer of height to fencing that makes it harder for onlookers to see in.

Benefits of Fixing Trellis to a Fence

The reason why fixing trellis to a fence is so popular is because there are many benefits from doing so, these include more privacy and a more stylish garden.

Increased Privacy

The main reason why homeowners enjoy fixing a trellis to a fence is to increase their privacy. Depending on whereabouts your home is located, your garden might be exposed to lots of nosy neighbours as well as pedestrians walking by.

By increasing the height of your fence using trellis, it becomes harder for onlookers to see what’s going on in your garden, increasing the privacy of the homeowner. A garden is a space to be enjoyed in privacy, so it’s no wonder why millions of homeowners have opted to fix trellis to their fencing.

A More Stylish Garden

Not only does trellis provide more privacy in your garden, it can also help you make your garden look more stylish. Trellis will add an element of sophistication to your fencing that can make your garden stand out from the rest.

It’s also really easy to add climbing plants to your trellis, and this can start to attract lots of different wildlife to your garden. This will make your garden become a more natural habitat, providing a tranquil space to enjoy lazy afternoons in the sunshine.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fix a Trellis to a Fence

Preparing the Trellis

We recommend preparing your trellis before fixing it to your fence. You can do this by either treating it or painting it. Simply treat or paint your trellis with the desired product or colour and leave it to dry for an hour before fixing it to your fence.

Preparing your trellis is vital, in order to protect it from the elements once it has been fitted. Fencing and trellis is constantly exposed to different weather conditions, so it’s important that it’s protected beforehand.

It’s a lot easier to treat or paint your trellis before it’s been fixed to your fence. If you were to fix it and then try to treat or paint it, you won’t be able to access all areas of your trellis, which means some areas will go unprotected and may experience future damage.

Preparing the Fence

Similarly to how you prepared your trellis, we recommend that you prepare your fence. It’s likely that your fence will already be up when you come around to adding trellis, so it’s worthwhile checking that your fence is in good condition.

It can be worthwhile re-treating your fence before fixing your trellis, this will help maintain your fence for an extended period of time and means you can enjoy your new trellis for a long time, too.

You also need to ensure that your fence posts stand taller than your fence in order to accommodate the trellis. Make sure you measure how tall you need your fence posts to be to do this, or you might not leave enough room to fix your trellis.

One thing to bear in mind when measuring your fence posts is that you can’t go over two metres without permission.

Attaching Trellis to a Fence

Now that your trellis and fence have both been prepared, it’s time to fix the trellis to your fence.

Get started by grabbing yourself two U brackets and four 35 mm wood screws. The U brackets will need to be fitted to the inside of both fence posts directly in the middle of where the trellis will sit. Measure this out to be safe, as you’ll want each U bracket to be at the same height on both sides for a successful application.

Fix the U brackets to the insides of both fence posts using 2 x 35 mm wood screws and a hand drill. Now you should be able to easily slide your trellis into the U brackets, which will allow it to sit nicely on top of your fence.

Finishing the Project

Finish the project by securing the trellis. This will require drilling the remaining 2 x 35 mm wood screws through the brackets and trellis. This creates a secure, sturdy fitting that won’t be affected by the elements. It increases safety, too, as it’s unlikely the trellis will come loose and fall.

It’s worthwhile keeping an eye on your new trellis fixing as your garden experiences more extreme weather conditions to ensure that your project is secure and safe. If your trellis has taken a beating in the wind and the rain, it might be worth adding some more screws to make it more secure.

Tips and Tricks

Advice on How to Make the Project Easier

There are a few things to consider in order to make the process of attaching trellis to a fence easier:

Measure Carefully

One of the easiest ways to ensure attaching trellis to a fence is a success is to make sure you carefully measure throughout the project. This involves making sure the area where the trellis is being attached is perfectly lined up. Make sure you use measuring tools to help you achieve this.

Ensure You Have the Right Tools and Materials

Another way to make this type of project easier is to make sure you have all the right tools to get the job done. From the preparation stage through to the maintenance stage, you need to gather all the tools and materials you will be using.

Have a Working Partner

An often underutilised tool is having a working partner. This can speed up the process by having another pair of hands on the job. If you ask a friend to help you, attaching trellis to a fence will be a walk in the park!

Be Patient and Take Your Time

Although this is a relatively short DIY task, it’s important to take your time when fixing trellis to a fence. Trying to complete the task in a short amount of time can result in mistakes which will slow down your progress.

Use Wall Brackets

As discussed, wall brackets can help make this project a lot easier. Brackets allow the trellis to conveniently slide into place, keeping it fixed too.

Maintenance of the Trellis and Fence

Once you’ve fixed trellis to your fence, it’s advisable to carry out regular maintenance on both the trellis and the fence. We recommend repairing, scraping, priming and painting the wooden parts of your trellis in Spring time. This will help to increase its lifespan.


Attaching trellis to a fence is a great DIY project for somebody with minimal experience. Trellis can turn standard fencing into a stunning feature of your front or rear garden. With minimal tools and materials required to get the job done, we recommend everyone should try to complete this project by themselves or with a partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tools Do I Need to Fix a Trellis to a Fence?

In order to fix a trellis to a fence, you’ll need the following tools – ‘U’ brackets, wood screws and a drill.

How Do I Prepare the Trellis and Fence Before Fixing Them Together?

Simply ensure that both the trellis and fencing has been treated and painted prior to fixing the trellis. It’s important to do this beforehand, as it can be much harder to get good coverage across both the fencing and trellis afterwards.

Is It Necessary to Use Screws or Nails to Fix a Trellis to a Fence?

Yes, we recommend using 4 x 35 mm wood screws in order to fix a trellis to a fence.

Can I Fix a Trellis to a Wall Instead of a Fence?

Yes, it is possible to attach a trellis to a wall. If you’re planning to attach plants to the trellis, you’ll need to ensure that there is enough space for the plants to climb.

How Can I Ensure That the Trellis Stays Securely Fixed to the Fence?

To ensure that the trellis stays securely fixed to a fence, drill 2 x 35 mm wood screws through both the trellis and U-brackets in order to secure it in place.

How Long Does it Take to Fix a Trellis to a Fence?

Depending on whether you need to treat your trellis or fencing, fixing a trellis to a fence is a short DIY job that can be done in as little as 15 minutes. If the trellis or fencing needs to be prepared, it can take around a couple of hours, as you’ll need to wait for the paint or treatment to dry.

Can I Fix a Trellis to a Fence Myself, or Should I Hire a Professional?

Fixing a trellis to a fence can be completed by people with limited DIY experience. This is because it’s a pretty simple job that has limited complications. The most complex part of the job will be using a hand drill, we recommend seeking the assistance of someone with more experience if you don’t feel comfortable using one.

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