Radiator covers: What To Know Before Purchasing It?

Radiator covers

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Do you know why your radiator needs a cover? The cover will prevent the radiator from coming into contact with its hot surface. Moreover, the cover will hide the sharp edges and other protruding parts. So, basically, the radiator cover will work as a barrier and a protector. It will protect the radiator from external elements like dust, debris, etc. While, it will also function as a barrier to prevent you from its hot surface. You can shop for high quality Radiator covers UK at Builders Merchant Ltd. 

What is a Radiator Cover?

A radiator cover is designed to offer your radiator better functionality along with a decorative touch. Its cover can be very minimal, just as a topper sitting on top of it. Also, the cover can be a box that covers all the sides of the radiator. So, there are different types available in the marketplace. You will also get beautifully designed options in the Builders Merchant Ltd. 

Apart from offering a decorative function, the radiator will also provide additional space. You can use the space for storing your books, photo frames, décor pieces, etc. The robust and durable radiator cabinet is made of MDF with water-based paint and coating. The radiator cover is available with a modern slatted design that fits well into any interior setting.

Why You Must Use A Cover For Your Radiator?

When you own a radiator, investing in its cover will offer great benefits such as;

  • Heating systems can make the radiator fins extremely hot. So, a cover is a must to protect you from burns.
  • The cover makes the radiator disappear when you choose the one that blends with your décor.
  • The cover will create a shelf to hold items such as books, décor items, lamps, etc.

Different Types of Radiator Covers

There are two radiator cover style options. One is the top cover upon the radiator, and the other is the cabinet style that covers every side. The cover usually has openings at the top portion and other sides to circulate heat. Both style options are sturdy, especially when you prefer to use them on top of a shelf. Topper styles are building material supplies usually made of wood. However, the types can be well differentiated based on the material type used. 

  • Metal

Experts believe that metal covers will block minimal heat. Metal grills and screens facilitate air circulation. Moreover, metal radiator covers UK are cheaper than wood. However, dents can occur. Also, keep in mind that if the radiator normally gets too hot to touch, the metal cover can also eventually become hot.

  • Wood

If you want to go for a wood cover, check out for hardwood material. This is because it works well. When your room interior has a natural setting, wood covers will blend well and give an aesthetic appearance. Another benefit of wood covers is they emit less heat than metal. If you are on a budget, then you must know that these covers are expensive compared to types.

  • Engineered Wood

MDF cover will be a great option. It can also undergo painting to give your radiator a better look. Moreover, the material is robust, similar to hardwoods, but less expensive. So, being on budget, it will be a better option for you. 

  • Combo

You will also get combined material type options. For example, fabric radiator covers UK with MDF or other material.

How You Should Measure To Get The Right Radiator Cover?

Considering the right measurement is very important before investing in stylish radiator covers UK. So, get your measuring tape ready to note down the measurements before investing in a radiator cover. Here is your guide to measuring the radiator.

  • Measure the radiator’s length, including the valves
  • Measure the total height of the radiator
  • Measure the radiator’s depth
  • Also, measure if there are any window ledges or skirting boards

Apart from the measurements taken, add additional measurements to it. Add an extra 3cm in height, 5cm in width, and 3cm in depth. If you notice your radiator stops near the window, check whether the cover is getting pressed up against anything. It will let the cover sit firmly and properly with the required support.

Why Invest In An Adjustable Radiator Cover?

Adjustable radiator covers do not have much difference. It is similar to standard covers. But, the major difference is it comes with an ability to adjust in size. You can expand or reduce its size. Simply extend it with a gentle pull to get your desired size. The adjustable feature allows it to easily fit on any radiator, irrespective of size. So, in the future, if you invest in a new radiator, you don’t have to buy a new cover for it. You get an adjusting cover from Builders Merchant Ltd.

The best thing is you can adjust the cover as you wish. Down adjustments to fit with minimal space, or you can extend to increase the surface space to store other items. Adjustable radiator covers are highly versatile. It will also let the heat for even distribution with high efficiency. Moreover, these covers don’t block heat from warming up your space.

Final Thoughts Now, you can invest in Radiator Covers UK and make an informed purchase. Choose the one that matches your interior and gives better functionality. Also, do not forget to buy the one with the right measurements. Visit the online store of Builders Merchant Ltd. to get the best types of radiator covers.

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