Your Most Common Customer Service Questions: Answered

customer service questions

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Part of the job of our dedicated Customer Service Team is to answer your questions regarding anything to do with Builders Marketplace and From product queries, to delivery and tracking information, our team are on standby to make sure you have the information you need for a top-quality service.

There are questions our team answer every day, so to save us and you valuable time, we asked them to compile a list of the most common questions and queries asked by our customers, so you can find out all the information you need in one place.

How can I place an order?

You can place an order with us via:

  • Our Website (
  • Over The Phone (020 8617 8979)
  • At Our On-Site Trade Counter
  • Via Our Other Third Party Selling Platforms (eBay, Amazon, OnBuy etc.)

Where is my order?

Due to our use of third-party couriers, the best course of action when it comes to locating your order is contacting our Customer Service Department, making sure you have either an Order Number or Delivery Postcode. With this information, the team can then track the order to provide you with an update on your order.

Occasionally, issues with said couriers do arise, but we will always do our best to ensure that you are contacted if any of these issues do occur. The couriers do not provide an exact date or time that your order will be delivered to you until the day of delivery, but we will provide the most accurate estimate we can of when your goods will be with you.

I have been sent the wrong items or my items are damaged, what do I do?

On the rare occasion that wrong or damaged items are sent to customers, the first part of our procedure is for you to provide pictures as proof of damage or that the item you have been sent is incorrect. Once this has been received, we can either re-send the correct/new item via express delivery or provide you with a refund.

You are free to make use of the incorrect or damaged item if you can/wish to, but please bear in mind if they are used, no refund can be provided. If you cannot make use of the item, we will arrange for the courier to collect the item from you. We will collect the item free of charge if there has been an error on our part, however if a customer changes their mind on any items, a collection fee will apply.

What does it mean when I get a “Completed” email?

This email is to inform you that your order has started the process of being on its way to you. When you receive this email, it means that your order has been acknowledged and is being dispatched and will then go on to be picked by the warehouse.

Who do I contact, Sales or Customer Service?

The role of the Sales Team is to assist with new orders, purchasing goods over the phone and at our site, amending of orders and occasionally answering stock enquiries. Our Customer Service Team is responsible for any queries relating to orders that are being processed or have already been sent out. Examples being: tracking of orders and providing you with tracking information, any damages/issues that may have occurred in transit or due to error in our warehouse and issuing refunds if needed.

Can I change my delivery address?

This is dependent on how far along your order is in processing, it will always be easier for both us and you to let us know sooner rather than later if you need your delivery address changed, but as long as your order has not been collected by the couriers then we will be able to change it for you.

Can I have a VAT invoice?

When you place an order with us, you will receive a copy of your invoice in an email, including a full breakdown of costs, this includes shipping and VAT. If you are a Click and Collect customer, you can request a paper copy of this invoice when you arrive to pick up your order.

You should now have all the answers you need when it comes to placing an order with us through every step of the process. We are very proud of the standards of Customer Service we provide and we are always happy to assist you to the best of our ability with any questions you may have.

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