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Insulation – The perfect way to keep your house warm and thermally insulated

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Better quality insulation will keep you warm, reduce your electricity bills, and can reduce carbon emissions. So, if you are buying or building a new home, the first question that will strike your mind is what can be the perfect insulation material for your home? Many online and hardware stores offer some good insulation system.

But, if you want more options in selecting the right insulation system, you can consider visiting Builder Merchant online. Choosing the best material which is simple to install may be as important as selecting the most appropriate barrier to heat and reduce energy loss. You can also use Insulation Rolls to insulate your, house and keep it warm throughout the year.

Insulation Rolls

Types of insulation that you can use for home insulation

Different insulation systems carry different R-values. R-value influences the insulation power. It is measured according to its thickness, material, and density. More the R-value, insulation will work effectively. Based on that, insulation is divided into different parts like the blanket, loose-fill, rigid board and spray foam.

  • The rigid and reflective insulation materials require some specific processes to get installed. These are often integral parts of the structure of a home. Rigid insulators are very friendly to acoustic concerns, but that depends on some specific purposes.


  • The loose-fill insulation is developed from loose fibers and pallets. It can cost you more, but it works very effectively and keeps your home warm throughout the entire winter season. It is further divided into two parts, i.e., cellulose fiber and a combination of rock wool and fiberglass. This insulation is can in the most cases be better than standard Insulation Rolls.


  • The most common types of insulation system is fiber glass or fiber glass blankets. It is fitted as cavity insulation placed between wood frames or rafters. Many of these are surfaced with an extra moisture barrier which protects the integrity of house walls.


  • The spray foam insulation is developed from a different foaming agent and a polymer. Normally, it is spread through cracks in walls and roofs. It is suitable to apply in those areas which don’t have a shape. Initially, it comes in liquid form, but gradually it will transform into a solid object.

Insulation Rolls

With time radiant barriers are becoming increasingly popular. Sometimes where the heat that is absorbed must be emitted or somewhere else it will not work effectively. The radiant barrier is therefore largely installed in attics. The house which is in attic areas needs special insulating material. You select from a comprehensive range of Insulation Rolls from Builder Merchant.

The houses carry a large space between the roof and the ceiling. Those gaps can be combined with insulation wood and blanket insulation. However, always remember to evaluate the R-value of the insulating material while insulating your home because it can vary. While choosing the insulation material remember to check the variation of temperature and humidity throughout the year.