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Gravel Boards

Your search for top quality timber gravel boards accomplishes at Builder Merchant. We offer pressure treated fence boards manufactured out of timber to serve you for ages. We don’t compromise with quality fencing, so deliver only those fence boards which serve your purpose of fencing in a better way. These boards often come in contact with water and damp conditions. This is why treat them with extra preservatives that protect them from water splash dirt and other annoying conditions. Our quality timber based fence boards are being used by thousands of clients in Essex and across UK. We are here to serve you longer. Invest in our gravel fence boards to add life years to your fence.

Pressure Treated Gravel Boards That Serve Flawlessly For Years

The fence boards that we produce will stay with you for years to come. No marketing gimmicks or bragging, simply the best gravel boards around that are tested for quality. No matter how hard the conditions outside are, our fence boards are pressure treated to serve you like loyal. Easy to install, they give you the worth on every pound you spend. We have a broad range of board sizes, starting from 150mm x 22mm x 1.2 meter to 150mm x 22mm x 4.8 meter. Trust us for quality fence boards as we are a trusted supplier with a very large client base in the United Kingdom.

Get Timber Gravel Boards Delivered to Your Doorstep

For your ease, we handle all timber fence board deliveries across UK. You just need to place your order online, choosing the size and quantity, from the comfort of your home. Rest leave on us as we take good care of deliveries that never miss a deadline. Compliment your garden fence with quality fence boards made from pressure treated timber.

These boards are ideal to place anywhere, even in regular contact with the ground. Plus, they are aesthetically appealing to compliment the looks wherever you install them. What are you waiting for? Be a proud homeowner who never puts a deaf ear to the fence boards and never ever compromises with the quality. We are here to support your dreams and initiatives with premium quality fence boards. Place your orders today!

Getting Perfect Timber Gravel Boards Was Never So Easier. Place Your Orders at 0203 807 0741

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