Sheet Materials

Plywood sheets are a versatile building material for any residential or light-duty construction applications. We offer a variety of plywood sheets suited for different applications. Our Birch Plywood is a standard plywood made out of birch wood perfect for when you need a high strength and rigid surface. We also offer our Birch Plywood with a coating of Phenolic Resin to provide an anti-slip surface for any of your flooring needs. This also adds an extra layer of protection to the plywood for areas with high traffic.

Medium Density Fibreboard, or MDF, makes a great option for any shelving, cabinets, or painted applications with its smooth surface and sturdy structure. We also offer the option for moisture resistant MDF for use in any moist areas such as a boiler room.

If you need an ultra-durable sheet material, you cannot go wrong with our Weather and Boil Proof plywood. We offer a vast selection of different types of WBP plywood, so you can choose which best suits your application and the appearance you’re after. This type of plywood was designed to withstand outdoor weather and the extreme conditions of a boiler room. It also makes a great choice for marine applications.