Decorative Panels

BuilderMerchant offers a variety of decorative wall panels that come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, designs, and colors to suit your desired choices.

Do you want a quick and easy transformation of your home wall and ceiling? Easipanel is a unique wood-textured MDF wall paneling you can use to beautify your home wall and ceiling. It could be glued to any existing surface such as untidy plaster, wallpaper, or even tiles.

We have stocks of MDF Primed Wall Panels cross-grain and MDF Primed Wall Panels long-grain, which are moisture resistance and are suitable for humid areas.

It comes in two primary modes, Tongue & Groove paneling and Raised & Fielded, both having a realistic grain finish look of wood.  These models are great for creating a classic timber-paneled look whether in the domestic space, including kitchen wall, bedroom, hallway, or even bathroom, or commercial spaces.

MDF groove wall panels are effortless to install, only require adhesive glue, and they could be screwed.

They can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and could be cut into shapes to make unique designs or fill particular spaces

Our V groove moisture resistance MDF tongue and groove sheets offer high-quality wall and ceiling coverings, they could be painted and are easy to clean and maintain.

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