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Low Price Trade Products Delivered

Floor Boards

Want Trailer Flooring and CLS Timber that bear up the heavy load and last for a lifetime? Ask Builder Merchant for quality offering that’s manufactured to stay with you for years. We are here with an array of varieties of heavy duty floor boards that come on a budget. We can deliver them to anywhere in UK, so be worry-free. Place your floor boards requirements with us and get the best quality in the industry. We don’t brag about the quality that we serve rather thousands of positive testimonials say a lot about our excellence. We sell flooring that’s durable to install at any place and takes up the heavy loads without ditching you in the middle. We are serving industry for several decades that make us stand out.

We Deliver Caberdek Chipboard Flooring At Its Finest Quality

Loves Caberdek Chipboard Flooring? So, do we! This is the reason we have some of the finest quality Caberdek flooring engineered to meet your needs. This P5 flooring grade chipboard comes with several benefits, from waterproof resistant to slip resistant. The quality CLS Timber that we sell is amongst the best in UK market. After all, we are here not just to sell the chipboard flooring but make a real connection with our customers that go for years. We have engineered our flooring with a protective film that helps it stand against heavy on-site traffic.

Rest assured that you will have a product that exceeds the acoustic performance. We deal in various sizes of Caberdek Chipboard Flooring such as 18mm and 22mm. We will deliver you the best without hassles.  The CaberDek film that we use creates a safe working platform with its remarkable waterproof resistant properties. It helps accomplish your goal of achieving a clean floor surface.

Get Tongue and Groove OSB Flooring at Builder Merchant

Builder Merchant specialises in offering Sterling OSB3 T&G flooring. Operating from our depot in Tilbury, Essex, we deliver our flooring to multiple businesses across UK. Whether ask us for Trailer Flooring, OSB Flooring or any other contemporary flooring, we always assure the quality in the long run. What a customer can expect more than a precision engineered OSB floor boards. We have the quality that performs better even in humid conditions. It is definitely the best option around to use flawlessly for your home and building construction needs. Our clients thank us for the quality that exceeds softwood plywood as we incorporate thousands of real wood strands in every floor board.

We Deliver Custom And Quality Floor Boards

We understand that you might need custom sizes to fulfil your flooring needs. For this reason, we don’t limit our floor board offerings to a certain size but a gamut of it. Get superior quality floor boards delivered to your place at the click of a button. We are a prominent supplier in the industry for finest Trailer Flooring and long-lasting CLS Timber. You would love us the way our other customers do because of our commitment to quality that stays consistent all the time. Our products are FSC compliant to answer your concerns. Call us today to avail the best flooring in the market that serves you for the years to come.

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