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Treated Timber

Looking for 4×2 Timber treated for a better lifespan? Builder Merchant could help you get the supplies that surpass the best quality treated timber standards. Truly remarkable Swedish quality that’s brick-kilned and treated to safeguard it from mould and fungi. Never settle for anything less than the best and our treated timber fits well with your expectations. Treating the timber gives you an extra advantage while keeping the same natural properties timber has.

No matter which part of UK you are settled in, we can always reach you in a couple of days with timber quality that’s appreciated by many clients. Place your orders today for 3×2 Timber as we are ready to fulfil any quantity that you have in your mind.

Why Use Our Treated Timber?

You might be wondering why use treated timber when there is untreated timber available in the market. This is because treated timber gives you an extra advantage over untreated timber. We sell 4×2 Timber pressure treated to withstand insect bites and fungi for years. As you know, mould growth is a pretty common problem when you use timber in humid conditions or wet ground where it consistently comes in contact with water. But these issues will never bother you if you ask us for Swedish quality treated timber that serves you without getting caught by nasty mould and fungi. Asking us for treated timber means long-lasting timber offering that runs smoothly for generations.

We Believe In Quality Timber Supply

Our emphasis always stays on providing you with quality 3×2 Timber that can also be customized to the size your construction work demands. We are in the industry for the past many decades and most of our business comes through referrals. This is because we never compromise with the quality. Use our treated timber once and experience it yourself as we want to hear from your experiences. Our treated versions of timber are manufactured to serve you for decades. Place your orders for 4×2 Timber in bulk or a few pieces; we are ready to deliver them at any given address in UK. Alternatively, if you want to collect them directly from our depot, you are welcome anytime during the business hours at our Tilbury depot in Essex.

Get Treated Timber Cut to Your Preferred Size! Call at 0203 807 0741 to Book Orders.

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