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Anti-Slip Phenolic Plywood For Flooring

Searching for a heavy duty flooring that bears up scratches and heavy loads? Phenolic Plywood is the answer for you. Manufactured keeping your concerns for performance, Builder Merchant is here with a multipurpose flooring for your workshop. We film it with a protective coating that does all the good work you can imagine. Being anti-slip in nature, it doesn’t let slips and is ideal for heavy-duty flooring applications. The phenolic faced plywood flooring that we produce is strong enough to withstand the harsh wear and tear.

Be ensured that you have cost-effective flooring that redefines toughness while giving you the aesthetic appeal as that of wood. It is the smartest flooring option around when you want a long-lasting anti-slip surface that’s reliable for high performance.

Ask For Best Quality And High-Performance Anti Slip Plywood

We produce Anti Slip Plywood in a variety of colours that suit your decor. Use these sheets flawlessly anywhere, be it in trailer bases or for shop fittings. They serve you perfectly, bearing the heavy load while serving you the purpose. An anti-slip mesh is provided on its contact surfaces to make a stronghold on the ground. We produce Phenolic plywood that’s highly resistant to corrosion. It also withstands humid conditions, serving you a for a long-term.

Why Should You Buy Our Phenolic Faced Plywood?

We sell quality that’s applauded by many clients. We produce phenolic faced Plywood Sheets which last a lifetime and serve you without causing any issues. Here are some of the properties that our Anti Slip Phenolic Birch Plywood have:

  • Extremely Durable Plywood
  • Highly Weather And Moisture Resistant Option
  • Very Strong Sheets That Can Withstand High Tear And Wear
  • Light In Weight And Cut Sheets Available to The Size You Need
  • Easily Absorb Impacts and Bruising That Makes It a Perfect Choice
  • Convenient to Clean And Boil-Proof Bonding That Serve Flawlessly
  • Minimises Slip Due to Wire Mesh Surface That Ensures Safety While Loading

Rest assured that our phenolic faced plywood performs high on quality standards. They have a huge lifespan that you will never complain of. Say goodbye to traditional plywood offering which is good for nothing. Ask us for plywoods overlayed with a durable phenolic film that gives value to your money.

Builder Merchant – The Contemporary Plywood Sheets Supplier

We are serving the industry for many decades and thus, know the features of plywood sheets most clients look for. Having learned from them, we have come up with Anti Slip Plywood that stands well on all testaments of quality. You will love to hear from us because of the remarkable toughness we put in our plywood anti-slip sheets. That means the sheets are going to serve you for a long time. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our product menu and let us know which place you want us to send the delivery. We cover the whole UK, so be worry-free about doorstep deliveries of plywood. Give us a chance to serve you with contemporary plywood with a quality that you will appreciate.

Call 0203 807 0741 for The Next Day Delivery of Anti-Slip Phenolic Birch Plywood!

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