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Breedon Professional Grade Cement 25kg


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Professional Grade Cement

Breedon Professional Grade Cement 25kg


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Breedon Professional Grade Cement 25kg

NOTE: Please note that this item is on Sale because the cement has past its expiry date.

Breedon have developed a cement that has been blended with performance-enhancing additives specific to cement to create a product that conforms to the highest standards possible in the form of their Professional Grade Cement. The difference between this and other Breedon varieties of cement is its base of fortified portland-limestone to create ultimate strength and resistance to freeze/thaw attack. The additives mixed in to this cement provide desirable qualities such as low water demand, this makes for a more cohesive mix that prevents the separation of water, cement and aggregate in your final mix to increase the workability of the product.

It must be noted that this particular variation of cement should not be mixed with other additives or other cement types to ensure correct mixing and use of the product. As well as this, it is important to note that strength will develop beyond the initial set time stated and has been assessed at 28 days. Setting and curing times will vary depending on water content used and ambient weather conditions. To assist the curing process, it is important that all cement-based materials are protected after placement, to avoid moisture loss, freezing and effects of hot and cold weather conditions.

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Additional information

Weight 25000 g

It should not be mixed with additives of other cement types. It is essential that it is correctly specified and used.

Breedon’s Professional Grade Cement has reduced bleed, consistent light and colour, increased workability and freeze/thaw resistance.

Professional Grade Cement that is strong, durable and has a wide range of applications.

Professional Grade Cement is used for concretes, mortars, renders and screeds. It contains cement performance-enhancing additives to give it a lower water demand.