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Breedon White Portland Cement 25kg


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White Portland Cement

Breedon White Portland Cement 25kg


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Breedon White Portland Cement 25kg

Breedon have developed a product that combines the performance of their High Strength Cement with the aesthetically pleasing and consistent finish of the White Portland variety of cement. The qualities of this unique form of cement makes it perfect for decorative applications, or when coloured concrete or render is required. More specific and practical uses of this cement include domestic and architectural applications such as balconies, ornaments and sculptures, all the way up to more commercial and industrial applications such as road markings, kerbs and bollards. Coloured concrete can be achieved with this product simply by adding the pigment of your choice that has been specifically designed for use in Portland Cement products.

It is important to note that strength will develop beyond the initial set time stated and has been assessed at 28 days. Setting and curing times will vary depending on water content used and ambient weather conditions. To assist the curing process, it is important that all cement-based materials are protected after placement, to avoid moisture loss, freezing and effects of hot and cold weather conditions.

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