Brush N Nozzle Dual Applicator


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Specially designed for bonding both porous and non-porous substrates like metal, wood, ceramics, rubber, porcelain, leather, cardboard, and much more. Also suitable for edge banding of PVC, wooden beading, acrylic sheet pasting, etc. The fine bristles help control the accurate spreading of adhesive, whilst the non-clogging nozzle gives you the option of precise and easy dispensing.

Supplied in a countertop rip off box holding 5 x 12g bottles of glue.


Items being bonded must be a perfect fit. Apply the adhesive sparingly to one surface only (do not over apply). Assemble the items immediately and press firmly for 30 seconds. After use, clean the nozzle of the tube with a dry cloth or paper roll and firmly screw the cap back onto the tube.

Note: Take care when aligning the treated objects as once the surfaces have been brought together an instant bond will be formed.

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Weight 1000 g