Composite Decking Charcoal Grey Edging Trim

Composite Decking Charcoal Grey Edging Trim

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Composite Edging Trim size: 43mm x 43mm

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Composite Decking Edging Trim (Charcoal Grey) 

Our Composite Decking Edging Trim is the finishing touch to the installation of our Composite Decking systems. The Edging Trim is installed around the perimeters Decking Boards to create a smooth edge and fill in any gaps left by the installation of the boards. This trim is just as low maintenance and have the same aesthetic and practical properties as all parts of our Composite Decking systems, including all materials being responsibly sourced. The charcoal grey version of our Edging Trim matches perfectly with the rest of the charcoal grey range of our Composite Decking, but colours can be mixed and matched to create a unique colour scheme for your decking. The charcoal grey colour mimics the effect of painted woods with less maintenance and without the concern of the colour fading over time thanks to its superior stain and fade resistance.

Please Note:

  1. Our Composite Decking will lighten and lose up to 30% of its colour in the first 6 months before stabilising to its final colour.
  2. Building materials are made in different batches. Batches can differ in size, shade, texture and colour. We always recommend ordering all of your decking together.

Composite Edging Trim size: 43mm x 43mm


Additional information

Weight 4000 g
Board Length

1.45 meter (5ft), 1.8 meter (6ft), 2.9 meter (9.5ft), 3.6 meter (12ft)

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