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Isover Spacesaver Insulation Roll | 170mm


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Isover roll

Isover Spacesaver Insulation Roll | 170mm


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Isover Spacesaver Insulation Roll | 170mm


Isover Spacesaver Insulation is a roll of silicone impregnated glass mineral wool that provides thermal insulation in roofs and loft floors, which in turn can transform a loft in to a comfortable living space. This product is suitable for a number of domestic and commercial applications, including multi-storey projects. This particular insulation is installed in a two layer system, one layer over the joists and an additional layer between the joists for optimum insulation.

The insulation covers all durability concerns, including being non-combustible, resistant to weather in all exposure zones and the product does not age. As well as this, it is extremely lightweight, along with being easy to cut and install, making this one time job a much more efficient one.

This particular insulation is not only extremely durable, but is manufactured in such a way to provide a much more energy efficient and eco-friendly construction. If this insulation is applied to the home, it will protect against heat loss in areas of the home that can be the main sources of cold air passing through. As well as trapping heat inside, the insulation also maintains temperature much better than standard insulation. As for environmental efficiency, the slabs themselves are made from 86% recycled glass, this makes them credited with having zero Ozone Depletion Potential and zero Global Warming Potential.

The Isover Cavity Wall Insulation is available in a variety of thicknesses:


Thicknesses available:

100mm 14.12m2 per pack
150mm 9.33m2 per pack
170mm 8.15m2 per pack
200mm 6.03m2 per pack

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Weight 15000 g