Marine Plywood | 18mm (Bulk Buy)

Marine Plywood | 18mm (Bulk Buy)

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18mm Marine Plywood | Bulk Buy

*Minimum order quantity of 8 sheets.


Marine Plywood, as the name suggests,  is a highly durable structured board  heavily used in the marine and boat industries due to its high moisture resistant core. This core makes this particular Plywood extremely resistant to expansion and rotting, further backed up by the fact that these boards are BS 1088 certified. These boards are manufactured from bonded veneers and the edges are glued with Phenolic Resin, ensuring ultimate durability and moisture resistance.
Aside from its use in the marine industry, Marine Plywood is also ideal for use in external joinery, shelving and temporary structures.

Our Marine Plywood is available in thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm and comes in a number of sizes:

Additional information

Weight 300000 g

Marine plywood is a high-quality plywood. The layers of veneer have been glued using water-resistant glue to make it very good for outside use and repairs on boats or docks.

The marine plywood is glued together with water-resistant glue which makes it waterproof and long-lasting. Marine can withstand high levels of pressure and is very strong.

Marine plywood is not pressure treated so termites are still attracted to the cellulose in the wood.

Normal plywood is made with less, thicker layers of softwood, whereas marine plywood is thinner and more layers which and glued together with water-resistant glue.

Marine-grade plywood is made with waterproof glue so it’s good for external use, but it is not pressure treated so it is not rot-resistant. It is lightweight and strong.

Marine plywood is used for many things but is mainly used as a building material on ships and docks. Marine plywood is good in humid or wet conditions.

Marine plywood is not pressure treated which means it will need a water-resistant finish.

Marine can last up to 25 years depending on the grade and quality of the plywood and also how it’s used.

Marine is mainly used to repair or replace the flooring of boats because it forms a waterproof structural bond to the boat.

Marine plywood is made from tropical hardwood which is naturally water-resistant. It may still need sealing to stop any water from getting to the pores of the wood.