MDF Architrave Door Set | 94mm x 18mm (Chamfered)


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MDF Architrave Door Set | 94mm x 18mm (Chamfered)


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MDF Architrave Door Set | Chamfered Profile

Our range of Architrave Door Sets are made from high quality MDF making them durable and free from defects and knots. These boards are supplied pre-primed twice that provides a premium white finish and makes them ready for installation. These boards are the perfect solution for hiding untidy surfaces between walls and floors, while simultaneously protecting the wall from any direct knocks that may occur.

Our Architrave Door sets have the moisture resistance necessary to even be installed in high moisture areas such as bathrooms and boiler rooms. These boards are also resistant to warping, twisting and splitting, which can be a reason to choose MDF boards over their wooden counterparts. As well as this, the chamfered edge of these boards provide a smooth edge around any room you install them in.

Our MDF Architrave Door Sets are available in standard lengths but can be cut to the size you require. We also stock this product in an Ogee style.


Size: 94mm x 18mm (Width x Depth)

Door Set Specification: 2 lengths of 2.15m and 1 length of 1.1m

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Weight 3000 g