Western Red Cedar Cladding | 18 x 144mm (Channel Groove – ST10)

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Western Red Cedar Cladding | 18 x 144mm (Channel Groove – ST10)
Western Red Cedar Cladding ST10


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Western Red Cedar Cladding | 18 x 144mm (Channel Groove – ST10)

Our range of Western Red Cedar Cladding makes a stylish and durable feature to your home or outdoor buildings. This coupled with the Channel Groove system adopted with these boards making for incredibly easy installation, Western Red Cedar is an ideal choice for your cladding.

The Channel Groove system also provides a different aesthetic finish to its Tongue and Groove counterpart. With a slightly larger separation between the Channel Groove panels, this gives you more options to choose from for your perfect cladding.

The wood has natural durability, making for a low maintenance and resistant cladding, as well as its resistance to shrinking and swelling after proper treatment is applied before installation. As well as this, the aromatic and pleasant fragrance that this wood expels serves a dual purpose, providing a natural aroma to your outdoor space and while also being a natural repellent for insects, moths and fungal attack.

It must be noted that stainless steel fixings must be used when installing Western Red Cedar boards due to the naturally high tannin content in the wood that would possibly weaken screws made of other materials.

Our Western Red Cedar Cladding is available in a number of sizes to meet any and all cladding requirements. The Channel Groove style of Western Red Cedar Cladding Board is available in 3 different cut variations; therefore, it is important to note that boards will only slot together and create a panel if they are of the same cut variation.


Stocks are PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) certified which is a chain of custody system that proves the legality and sustainability of the timber.


this item is no.2 clear & better allowing 15% no.4
no.2 grade allows
three irregularities on face side per 12ft lengths
four irregularities on the reverse face per 12ft length
knots up to ½” on face
knots up to ¾” on reverse face
15% of no.2 grade may contain four irregularities on the face and soft knots
no.4 grade allows
Four irregularities on the face side per 12ft length
Characteristics on the reverse slightly in excess of those allowed on the face
knots : four up to 1” or equivalent eg four 1” or one 4”
resin pockets, splits, checks, warp, wane and worm holes are permitted to some degree.


The lengths we have available are listed in the drop down box to the right and can be selected and ordered online.

Moisture Content

Supplied ‘Green’ wet, we recommend drying the timber before installation, if you are using the cedar internally then it will need to be acclimatised for at least a week inside before installation. Cedar dries rapidly once the boards are separated from the pack, they will need warmth and air circulation to dry effectively. Boards should be stacked flat and evenly supported during drying.


Western Red Cedar is sourced from the Pacific Northwest from Northern California to Alaska. This specie is classed as a Softwood but has very good durability due to a natural oil in it making it perfect for exterior applications. The timber machines well is stable and easy to work with.


Ranges from light golden colour to mid to dark brown, some boards have a slight tint of red


Stainless steel nails must be used on Western Red Cedar to stop staining. Use of regular nails will over time result in black streaks running down the timber caused by the iron in the nail reacting with chemicals in the cedar.

Finishing for silvered weathered look

1) Apply Seasonite new wood protector immediately after installation or within the first few days
2) Leave the timber to naturally weather/silver

Finishing maintaining/enhancing colour

1) sand seen face of Cedar along the length of the board with 80 grit sandpaper to remove millglaze
2) clean off dust with methylated spirits and lint free cloth
3a) Apply Owatrol Textrol HES single coat penetrating oil with excellent UV protection. Slight wet look finish.
3b) Apply Owatrol Aquadecks Honey water based finish, two coat wet on wet also excellent UV protection. Matt finish
repeat application (when timber fades after a period of time depending on exposure to sunlight)
4) clean with Owatrol Net-Trol following instructions on tin
5) re-finish with either Textol HES or Aquadecks Honey same as previously used.

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0.9 meter (3ft), 2.1 meter (7ft), 2.7 meter (9ft), 3.3m (11ft), 4 meter (13ft), 4.6 meter (15ft), 1.2 meter (4ft), 1.5 meter (5ft), 2.4 meter (8ft), 3 meter (10ft), 3.6 meter (12ft), 4.2 meter (14ft), 4.8 meter (16ft)


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