Aggregates & Gravel

Aggregates & Gravel are part of the basic elements needed for most construction projects, able to be mixed and modified to create even more essential materials for your project.

Aggregate, is a material used in the making of concrete when mixed with a water and cement paste. Aggregate can be made from either sand and gravel, or crushed stone. Additionally, it can add multiple desirable characteristics to your finished product, including volume, stability and wear and erosion resistance. This solves common issues such as shrinkage, cracking and can be a cost-effective material to add to concrete for the structural projects concrete is best suited for.

The finishing touch for full customisation of your materials, for a high-quality and reliable finish.

Our range of Gravel is the perfect product to any drainage systems, including surface dressing and pipe bedding. While some varieties provide a solid base for any featured paths and walkways or drives. These kinds of Gravel can even provide a base for roads. Our Gravel comes in a range of sizes and is locally sourced where possible. Available in bulk for all the supply you need for your project.

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