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Fire Retardant MDF

MDF is a sheet material made by mixing wood fibres, waxes and resins then hot pressing it to the different thicknesses. The Fire Retardant MDF can be used in a number of commercial and domestic settings.

The Fire Retardant MDF was specifically designed to be installed in buildings that Euro Class C flame retardant boards are required, including but not limited to: offices, schools, hospitals and cinemas. The domestic use of this form of MDF include wall linings, ceilings and display panels. This form of MDF is obviously desired for its fire retardant qualities, which is an added feature to the Standard MDF Boards. The Fire Retardant MDF is pressed without grains or knots, providing a smooth face side, ready for paint, veneer or lamination. This smooth surface also contributes to the ease of cutting, screwing and gluing of these particular boards, as well as being easy to clean and maintain. These sheets are also incredibly environmentally friendly, with all of the wood fibres used in production being responsibly sourced.

The Fire Retardant MDF Boards are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, and can be cut to your desired size, just remember to add the Builders Marketplace Cutting Service to your purchase.

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