Garden & Waste Disposal

Our 240 litre wheelie bins fit the needs of almost every Council in the UK. They make it easy to accommodate the requirements of your local waste depot. If you have any doubts about your local waste depot’s requirements, just give them a call to ensure these wheelie bins will fit their needs.

We offer our wheelie bins in brown, green, or grey to offer a customized appearance. These wheelie bins are exceptionally durable, so you never need to worry about them breaking during a wind or hail storm leaving your garbage or recycling scattered throughout the street. This also makes it easier on your local waste depot. Your garbage day will never be easier than with Builders Marketplace’s wheelie bins.

If these exceptionally durable wheelie bins ever do start to have issues, we also offer replacement parts to save you money. We offer replacements for the lid pins and the wheels. Our lid pins come in sets of two because oftentimes once one breaks the other will break soon after. The replacement wheelie bin wheels are sold in single replacement pieces, so you can replace just the wheel that’s having issues.

Any of our garden & waste disposal products can either be shipper or picked up in our Tilbury, Essex depot.