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Standard Plasterboard

Plasterboard is a board made of Gypsum layered between thick paper added as an extra layer to ceiling and wall linings to give them additional purposes and features.

Plasterboard was developed as an alternative for the more time consuming and messy method of traditional plaster. These boards are preferred if you don’t have enough people on site, or you don’t have time to wait for traditional plaster to dry. It also eliminates the possibility of cracking that comes with wet plaster, meaning no going back for touch ups and questioning the integrity of the plaster. The boards have the advantage of adaptability, as they are easy to remove and place somewhere else, making it perfect for any future layout changes or renovation.

The material that the boards are made from provides insulating properties that can make walls and ceilings more resistant to fire and moisture, as well as assist with noise reduction.  Our plasterboard comes with ivory paper face as standard, making it plaster and paint ready, providing the Plasterboard is sealed prior to decorating.

A hidden advantage of Plasterboard is that it is usually made from recycled materials, so the environmental impact of using a material such as this is is relatively low.

The Standard version of Plasterboard is an all-rounder product in itself, however moisture and fire resistant versions can also be purchased from Builders Marketplace.

Available in 9mm and 12.5mm thickness.

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