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Roofing Felt

Roofing Felt is an essential component of any roofing construction. Used in both residential and commercial construction, the sheet of tar paper is placed under shingles to create a backup waterproof element. This eliminates any chance of leaking in your garden sheds, and to give an even bigger boost of protection to your home. Even the felt alone has been known to survive extreme weather conditions, including storms.

The felt was originally invented as a protective measure for unfinished roofing work on conventional homes. Therefore, it can still be used for this purpose. It provides a less slippery surface for any builders to work on when building or restoring roofing.

It is usually a requirement, especially in the UK, to having felt underneath the roof tiles of any home, making this an essential part of home construction and renovation.

The specific Roofing Felt stocked at Builders Marketplace lasts up to between five and fifteen years. The installation process is quick and easy and even full instructions provided. Additionally, the Torch-On variation stocked provides excellent high temperature performance due to its polymer modified bitumen coating.

Available in various sizes and colours.

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