MDF Primed Wall Panels

At Builders Marketplace, we stock decorative MDF Primed Wall Panels perfect for adding a subtle decorative touch to any room. The high moisture resistance of these panels even make them perfect for bathroom walls and bath panels, and commercial uses for these panels include shop fittings, exhibition stands and bar fronts.

Our Range of MDF Primed Wall Panels

MDF Primed Wall Panels

MDF Primed Wall Panelling Strips

We offer both Cross-Grain MDF Primed Wall Panels and Long Grain MDF Primed Wall Panels. The pre-primed feature means they’re ready to be painted to customise your panels to match the colour scheme of any room.

The MDF Board used in these panels are desired for their clean finish and load bearing capabilities, as well as being easy to maintain. Most importantly, we make sure that the MDF we supply is environmentally friendly, with all the wood fibres used in production being responsibly sourced.

DIY MDF Panelling

Our decorative MDF primed wall panels are an excellent option for home DIY and commercial projects, perfectly prepared for endless decorative options for your walls and furniture. View our full range of MDF Sheets, or take a look at our range of Decorative Panels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use MDF for Wall Panelling?

Yes, in fact, using MDF primed wall panels for wall panelling is the perfect solution for this type of project. Whether you’re using mdf panelling for decorative purposes or in part of a DIY renovation, it has many uses when applied to walls.

What Thickness MDF Is Best for Panelling?

9mm MDF wall panels are an ideal choice for panelling. This thickness provides a nice middle ground with 6 mm boards being too thin and 12 mm boards being too thick.

How Do You Stick MDF Sheets to the Wall?

We recommend using adhesive glue to attach MDF primed wall panels to walls. When doing this, it’s advisable to keep the glue at least 10 cm aware from the edges of each panel. Once the glue has been applied, simply push the panel against the wall firmly.