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Radiator Covers

With our exquisite Radiator Covers UK, which are made to improve both safety and décor, you may completely change the interior of your home. These coverings provide a chic way to improve your living areas while providing protection from hot radiator surfaces. We stock high quality Radiator Covers in five unique and stylish designs, to turn your radiator from a simple heat source, to a feature point of any room. Our Arizona Radiator Cover offers a beautiful geometric pattern, meanwhile our Fleur de Lys Radiator Cover provides a more classy style.

The Purpose of Radiator Covers

These radiator cover sheets have many purposes to spruce up a room. They can also be used for sliding doors, folding screens and partitions, and they can be cut to fit any space or unit you wish to put them in. This can be done with the help of Builders Marketplace’s Cutting Service (must be purchased along with any product you need to be cut to your specifications).

  • These radiator covers are simple to install, which makes your home remodeling job hassle-free. They are made of sturdy materials to ensure long-term use, giving you years of safety and style.
  • Finding the ideal fit for your radiators is simple with the variety of size options available.
  •  The paintable surface allows you to customize the covers to match your aesthetic and home decor seamlessly.

In addition to adding a touch of elegance to your home, these radiator covers also enhance safety, especially in households with children and pets. Say goodbye to accidental burns and hello to peace of mind.

Upgrade your interior decor and safety simultaneously with our Radiator Covers in UK. Discover how a small change can make a significant impact on your home.

Alternatively, they can be cut easily with a Jigsaw or Stanley Knife for an even more perfect fit. These panels can be even further customised, ready to be painted to match the colour scheme of any room.

These Radiator Covers meet the top safety standards, conforming to the low formaldehyde level E1, Class A. Panels can be easily packed together ready for delivery or collection in the quantities you may require.

It is recommended that you place the Radiator Cover in the room you intend to install it in for 24 hours before assembling, the sheets MDF used in the manufacturing of these covers must acclimatise to the temperature and environment of the room before installing over a hot radiator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It a Fire Hazard to Cover a Radiator?

Covering radiators with purpose-built radiator covers is perfectly safe to do. We recommend avoiding the installation of resting shelves directly on top of a radiator, as these are likely to not be built for the purpose of covering a radiator, and could potentially become a fire hazard.

Should a Radiator Cover Touch the Radiator?

For the upmost efficiency, we recommend that there should be enough space between your radiator and any radiator cover used. In an ideal world, a radiator cover should be wider than the radiator by at least 5 cm width-wise and 3 cm height-wise.

What Are the Best Type of Radiator Covers?

MDF (medium density fibreboard) is a great material for radiator covers UK. This material is sturdy and is cheaper than hardwood options.

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