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Railway Sleeper For Sale

Railway Sleepers are ideal for any contemporary landscaping project, from edgings to walkways, to raised flowerbeds. They can be stacked and placed to fit your ideas and design to create a truly unique space.

The use of Softwood Sleepers as opposed to brick or stone will complement the natural feel of your garden, and with the green tinge of our Sleepers, even more so. You can use them to create a set of rustic steps leading to a raised area of your garden or even construct your own garden furniture. They can also be placed vertically into the ground, making the possibilities with Railway Sleepers even more endless.

Putting flowers or other plants in a space surrounded by Railway Sleepers can also help to regular growth and protect the all-important roots from the elements. Sleepers have the added feature of being well suited for self-draining any water-logged soil and plant beds. Our Sleepers come pre-treated, making them ready for installation. It is recommended to apply a decking seal to your Sleepers for extra protection from splitting or warping.

Our Railway Sleepers for sale are available in 8×4 and 10×5 variations.

Sleepers can be cut to any size you require and packed in the quantities you need.


Q. What is a timber railway sleeper?
A. Historically these were used to lay railway tracks on and come in the form of long rectangular chunks of timber. Nowadays they are used for many different things, including landscaping and gardening projects, pathways, steps, and retaining walls.

Q. How long do railway sleepers last?
A. They can last for up to 10 years if they have been pressure treated. If they have not been pressure treated, they can last up to 5 years.

Q. Do I need to treat the sleepers myself?
A. No. They come fully treated to save you the hassle of doing it yourself. The only exception to the rule would be if you have cut them. In this case, just the ends needing treating to ensure they are fully protected against the outside elements.

Q. Can I use railway sleepers in my front or back garden?
A. Sure. They are mainly used for retaining walls and raised beds but many people use them to make beautiful decking areas, walls, fences, garden furniture, and features.

Q. Can you cut the timber sleepers?
A. Certainly. Cutting them is absolutely fine. We can even cut them for you for a small additional fee. If you decide to do this yourself, make sure you wear safety gear and use the appropriate equipment such as a circular saw. This will give you the most accurate cut.

Q. Can I join timber railway sleepers together?
A. You can indeed, but please bear in mind that they can shrink as time goes on so using the correct screws is important.

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