WBP Plywood

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Weather and Boil Proof WBP plywood, Certified to EN636-2S, constructed with multiple thin sheets of good quality wood called veneers and the category of glue used to make the most durable plywood.

We have a variety of plywood sheets to choose from: birch plywood sheets, hardwood plywood, and exterior plywood sheets or marine plywood—either regular standard sizes such as 18mm marine ply, marine plywood 12mm or as desired by you.

We supply exterior plywood sheet that is made with standard WBP glues, making it worthy of being considered exterior grade or marine-grade

Marine-grade plywood or marine plywood is a specially designed panel with few defects, so it performs longer in both humid and wet conditions and resists delaminating and fungal attack.

BuildersMerchant offers Marine grade plywood manufactured under BS1088 standard, and every sheet is appropriately stamped. Marine Grade plywood is popularly used in the boat construction industry and provides a versatile and durable panel having resistance to decay and moisture.

Suitable for use in environments where the wood is exposed to moisture for extended periods such as bathrooms, gardens, and parks. It could as well be used for roof supports and advertising panels.

Suitable for staining, painting and lacquering for a professional finish.

Used for both interior and exterior projects

Possesses agility to withstand screw and nail

It could be worked on by machine.