Hardwood Plywood

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BuildersMerchant has a stock hardwood plywood of different sizes and grades.

It conforms to EN636-2, EN314-2 and Complies with European union timber regulations (EUTR) and the European construction products regulation (CPR)

12mm WBP plywood (Water Boil Proof) is one of the best weather resistant plywood sheets.

Other specifications are not limited to 5.5mm hardwood plywood, 18mm hardwood plywood, 3.6mm, 22mm, and others.

Our hardwood ply is made up of 3 or more thin layers of wood veneer laid on top of each other and glued with the grain of each segment are known for Strength, Durability, Impact Resistant, Stability, and are ecofriendly.

Hardwood Plywood is wear and moisture resistance and is suitable For house flooring, doors, wall panels, furniture,  all sorts of millworks, and construction purposes.

It is easy to work on either manually or with machines.

It has agility against splitting and breaking when putting screws or nails due to its thick layers.

It has a fine finish look and could be painted.