Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a Canadian imported Timber and is known for being one of the most durable woods in the world and is extremely popular and just as highly sought after.

The wood is good for general construction work and has hidden benefits including an aromatic fragrance that can last on the wood for extended period of time and contains a preservative making it naturally resistant to fungal attack. It can be used to create a number of external fixtures such as fence panels and cladding and even more specific purposes such as the base for hot tubs.
The woods uses also derive from the heritage of where it is grown, extending its purposes to objects such as canoes and even instruments. We provide Western Red Cedar in standard lengths of timber as well as some pre-constructed fixtures.


Western Red Cedar Fencing

We supply the best quality Western Red Cedar for our fencing, Western Red Cedar is often praised for its aesthetically pleasing nature due to its clean finish and virtually knot free appearance.

Western red cedar is most commonly used for a slatted style of fencing that allows sunlight to peep through the slats for a visually unique effect.

Cedar wood provides further aesthetic properties due its extensive range of natural colour variations across the batten to add texture and dimension to your fencing. Practically beneficial aspects of Western Red Cedar include its natural durability and resistance to shrinking and swelling if treated properly before installation, with only slight changes possible in humid temperatures.

We also Stock Western Red Cedar Decking and Mouldings that have the same aesthetic and practical properties as the fencing to create a cohesive collection of Western Red Cedar features in your outdoor space.

Western Red Cedar Cladding

When choosing a material for your timber cladding, whether for domestic or commercial applications, the most important aspects to consider are appearance and performance, and finding the perfect balance between the two.

This can be achieved with our range of Western Red Cedar Cladding. Western Red Cedar provides a beautiful yet durable option for your cladding, giving a clean yet rustic finish and exceptional strength and resistance against typical issues that may arise with the exterior use of timber.

Even without any treatment applied, Western Red Cedar has been known to last up to 60 years. Just like with the Western Red Cedar fencing, the cladding has several colour variations running along the battens, making each batten unique, therefore providing a completely unique finish to any cladding project.


Western Red Cedar Sawn

The ways Western Red Cedar can be used are endless, from structural applications such as fencing and cladding, to decorative or furniture-based construction such as planters, outdoor furniture and playground equipment.

Sawn Western Red Cedar Timber can be finished to a smooth surface to further amplify its clean appearance and make the wood ready for any polishing or staining.

Western Red Cedar Shingles & Roof Tiles

These Western Red Cedar Shingles are designed to be suitable for domestic and commercial roofing applications and is perfect to use as cladding for side walls and roofs for smaller projects such as stables and gazebos.

These shingles are expected to last up to 40 years when treated with the correct preservatives, this proves the natural durability of the wood itself and this durability in turn provides excellent insulating properties. In addition to this, due to the low expansion rate of the wood, it is stable enough to apply a paint or stain finish for full customisation of your shingles.

Western Red Cedar shingles provide exceptional workability, being easy to saw and plane with most hand tools, making them ideal for site work.

It is recommended that specialist steel nails are used for installation as they will remain unaffected by the natural tannin content of the wood. We also stock a range of Western Red Cedar Ridge Tiles to ensure a complete installation and effective drainage for your roof.


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