Composite Fencing

A modern and longer lasting alternative to traditional timber fencing, composite fencing is a wood and plastic hybrid that requires very little maintenance and is incredibly easy to install in your garden or outdoor space.

DIY around the world

DIY Around The World

The term “DIY” dates back thousands of years, starting with the first building that came with instructions discovered from the Ancient Greek era. Since then, cultures around the world have embraced the practice of building, modifying and repairing to create their own unique way to DIY. Here at Builders Marketplace,...

how to hang an interior door

How To Guide: Choosing And Installing An Interior Door

You can rarely think of a house without thinking of doors, the staple item to provide privacy and division in the rooms of your home. When it comes to building a house from scratch, or just upgrading or changing the style of your current interior doors, the installation process can...

20 types of wood and their uses

Types of Wood You Need To Know About

Wood is an essential part of any construction, and has been since timber frame houses and structures were first invented, all the way up to any modern DIY creation. This amazingly versatile product can be broken down in to different types and variations, all carrying unique properties. With this in mind,...