Custom Cutting Service

  • Expert cutting service using our beam saw.
  • Any panel or timber cut to your required size.
  • Can be purchased in conjunction with our panel and timber products.
  • We accept cut drawings to work from.
  • Fast delivery.

We only offer straight cuts. All of our custom cuts are accurate to a 3mm threshold and each cut must be a minimum of 150mm.

Our reputation in panel cutting proceeds us

Over the years, we have perfected the art of panel cutting using the most reliable and precise cutting technologies. We have worked with many clients, commercial and residential, developing long-lasting relationships. Our products and services portfolio is designed to ensure smooth cutting services for ever6y project and application. Our client base has positive feedback, supporting our reliable, friendly, and high-quality panel cutting services. 

Whether you want wood cutting services or custom cutting services, you should look no further than Builders Merchant.

What do we mean by panel cutting services?

Let’s face it. Cutting wood, MDF, or large sheets can be challenging. First, these materials may be bulky and cumbersome to handle. That is before you consider the dangers of wrestling a sheet of material on the table saw. What seems to be an obvious solution of using a circular saw to break every piece into a more manageable size can prove even more challenging if you do not have adequate space to set up the equipment. That is where you need panel cutting services. 

Panel cutting services offer the solution to all your material cutting needs. With pieces accurately cut to size, you can focus on other areas of the project. What’s more interesting is that custom cutting services allow you to work with different materials, such as wood, plywood, MDF, and OSB board.

Who are we?

Are you looking for panel cutting services that allow you to work with a wide range of materials cut to size and delivered wherever you are? Look no further than Builders Merchant. Over the years, we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art CNC technologies to ensure every project is accomplished to the highest standards possible. We also pride ourselves in professional management and positive customer relationships for your success.

At Builders Merchant, we provide a wide range of cut-to-size materials with a dimensional accuracy of up to 3mm (+ or -). Accordingly, we have worked on our online ordering system to ensure you access panel cutting services with a click of a button. You need to specify your panel processing needs and let our experts work on the order. You may want to give your specifications in detail and watch us deliver in time without compromising quality. 

Whether you want a single sheet of material or have a bulky order, the first step is to reach out to our technical team. From there, you will have professionals optimize your cutting processes and offer the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to your needs. 

Our teams use high-end automated Beam saws to cut panels. The quick and seamless delivery system is meant to enhance your productivity and ensure your projects do not stall. Once we assess your order, we begin to process your panels. The accuracy in our panel cutting system is all you need to make your work more seamless and highly productive.

Why choose Builders Marketplace?

Builders Merchant offers one of the most reliable panel cutting services. If you need wood cutting services or any custom cutting service, we are the go-to people. Are you wondering why you should choose us? We are the best.

We offer high-quality and precise panel cutting services. Besides woodcutting services, we also provide MDF, melamine, and custom cutting services on laminate and particle boards. Therefore, you are always guaranteed that our experts will match all your CNC cutting needs in a wide range of materials without compromising quality and accuracy.

We utilize state-of-the-art machinery integrated with an online ordering system and optimization software that assures our customers that their panels are cut with accuracy. Every time you choose Builders Merchant, you can be sure of clean-cut edges and high-quality standards.

Our newly installed Beam saws can cut wood sheets and panels of different sizes, with the smallest being 150mm with a sizing accuracy of + or – 3mm. We can also provide your precise sheet cutting requirements within the shortest lead time to ensure your projects run seamlessly.

Our online ordering and optimization software is easy to use to maximize yield in every material sheet we cut and help you save costs by eliminating wastage. We also offer standard pricing for custom cutting services on every material sheet.