Hardwood Plywood | 22mm

Hardwood Plywood | 22mm

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Hardwood Plywood | B/BB Grade WBP Exterior Plywood (22mm)


Our 22mm Hardwood Plywood is made up of 3 or more thin layers of wood veneer laid on top of each other and glued with the grain of each segment. This particular type of Plywood is praised for its numerous strength qualities, including durability, stability and a high level of impact resistance. These boards also possess a number of damage resistant qualities, giving a long lasting and high quality finish to your project. The boards are extremely resistant to wear and any moisture damage due to their WBP Grading, along with having incredible hardiness against splitting and breaking when working with them.

Due to this, Hardwood Plywood is extremely versatile, its uses include; bath panelling, sheds, storage boxes, roofing, interior vehicle building, floors, walls and roofs in house constructions. This Plywood is B/BB Graded, so it already has a great surface finish, but can be varnished or painted if you require a different finish.

Our Hardwood Plywood is available in thicknesses of 3.6mm, 5.5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm and come in a wide range of sizes:

Standard Sheet Sizes:

2440mm x 1220mm (8ft x 4ft)
1220mm x 1220mm (4ft x 4ft)
1220mm x 610mm   (4ft x 2ft)
610mm x 610mm     (2ft x 2ft)
610mm x 300mm     (2ft x 1ft)


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Sheet Size

2ft x 1ft (610mm x 300mm), 2ft x 2ft (610mm x 610mm), 4ft x 4ft (1220mm x 1220mm), 4ft x 2ft (1220mm x 610mm), 8ft x 4ft (2440mm x 1220mm)

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Hardwood Plywood

Hardwood plywood can be used for multiple things such as heavy-duty flooring, wall structures, musical instruments and furniture.

Plywood is layers of veneer glued together. Hardwood plywood can be used for furniture and many other things such as musical instruments and cabinets.

Hardwood comes from maple, oak, elm, balsa, sycamore or mahogany wood. Plywood is made by glueing multiple layers of veneer which is a thin wood panel.

You can seal hardwood plywood by sanding down the hardwood surface to make a smooth finish, then apply sanding sealer using even brush strokes to coat the surface of the wood, using a clean paintbrush. Coat the hardwood plywood evenly for a smooth finish.

Hardwood plywood can be used for external uses, but it will not last very long. If you need to use it outside, treating it beforehand will help it last longer.

Yes but it will need preparation for painting. Plywood absorbs more paint than most other woods. Using a primer will help seal and smooth the plywood, and stop any paint from leaking into the hardwood plywood.

Hardwood plywood is strong because of its cross-layered structure. The strength is also dependent on how thick and how many layers of plywood are used.

It is made of 3 or more layers of wood veneer which are on top of one another and then glued down.

If it gets wet for a long duration of time, it can lose its shape and swell. This leads to the layers of the plywood falling apart although this issue can be fixed.

Yes, hardwood will warp after time but if it’s minor then can be fixed with heat. If it is major then you will have to apply pressure to the hardwood.