Arris Rail 75mm | 5ft (1500mm)

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Arris rail is pre-treated sawn timber which has a two cross section that forms a right angle triangle.

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Timber Arris Rail


– Quality Timber Arris Rail Treated Timber
– Fast Delivery available
– We can cut to any length at request of Customer
– FSC compliant – Massive stocks available
– Tanalised Green Treated for external use

Size:  75mm x 75mm

Delivery is offered or collections can be made from our depot in Tilbury, Essex for savings.

Arris rail is most commonly used in garden fencing panels. They can also be use where timber joining at 45°C is required. In fencing panel Arris rail is used because of its chamfered edges which prevent from water being collected and for security reason, the edges will make the fence a lot harder to climb and also making the fence structure strong and durable.

For new fencing Arris rail support brackets can be used. Place two Arris rail brackets, one at top keeping 10 inch gap from the top of the post and the bottom 12 inch gap from the ground. The front side of the Arris rail should be faced on the fencing panel. Two more brackets should be placed on the other side of the post. Now the Arris rail can be attached to the bracket using 50mm nails. The fence panel then is simply nailed on the Arris rail.

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