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5ft | Arris Rail 75mm | 1.5m |


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5ft | Arris Rail 75mm | 1.5m |


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Timber Arris Rail 75mm (5ft)

Our Timber 5ft Arris Rail serves the specific purpose of being attached across garden fence panels to keep Feather Edge Boards secure and in place as a finished panel. Our Arris Rails are cut in to a triangular shape from our top quality softwood timber for both security and drainage purposes. The specific shape used makes it a lot harder for intruders to climb your fence and gain access to your property, while providing the added bonus of allowing water to drain from the fence and stop it from collecting. These rails are quick and easy to install with the help of Arris Rail Support Brackets for a tight and secure fit to your fence panels. Our rails arrive to you pre treated making them ready for installation and protected against common issues that come with using timber for external purposes.

Our Arris Rails are stocked in 5ft and 10ft variations, but can be cut to specifically fit your needs.

Size:  75mm x 75mm


Additional information

Weight 8000 g
Timber Grade

C16, C24

Timber Type

Fence Rails


1.5 meter (5ft)

Timber Size


Set out the intermediate posts and try to keep them spaced evenly with no more than 3m between them.

You can use mortice arris brackets to mount the arris rails to the post which will stop any movement from the arris rail.

2 arris rails are required for 1.65m, 1.8 and 2.1m fence posts. 3 arris rails are required for 2.4m fence posts, and 4 feather edge boards are required for each 300mm of the fence.

Arris rails are a length of softwood treated timber cut diagonally to produce a triangle shape. These are to be secured to the posts to form a frame for feather edge to be attached to form the fence.