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2.4 meter | CLS Timber | 38mm x 63mm |


CLS Timber

2.4 meter | CLS Timber | 38mm x 63mm |


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CLS Timber | 38mm x 63mm x 2.4 meter

CLS (or Canadian Lumber Standard) is a timber typically used in stud walling and partitioning, but has many other uses in housing and framework construction. Not only is this timber is extremely strong and durable, it has various other features that make it the ideal choice for your project. One of these being that the rounded edges and corners make for an easier and safer experience when moving the pieces of timber around any construction site, and the ease of this product carries over in to its naturally aesthetically pleasing finish, eliminating the needs for any extra customisation work. However, treatment is suggested to protect the timber and extend the already long life of the wood. If properly maintained, this timber is capable of lasting a lifetime.

Our CLS Timber is available in 3×2 and 4×2 and in a variety of lengths:

Standard Lengths:

1.2m, 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.8m

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Weight 2500 g

CLS Timber

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CLS Timber


2.4 meter (8ft)

Yes, CLS is pressure treated to cope with external weather and to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

CLS timber is made from wood that has been kiln-dried, such as fir, pine or spruce. During the process of manufacturing it is treated, planed and then it is shaped with 4 smoothed surfaced sides and rounded edges.

CLS timber can be used for a lot of things indoors such as timber frames for home construction. CLS is very strong and durable so it’s perfect for internal structural projects.

CLS timber is rounded and smoothed with a block plane.

Yes, CLS is treated during the manufacturing process it is planed, treated and shaped.

CLS is an acronym for Canadian Lumber Standard.

CLS come in two different sizes 50mm x 75mm (38 x 63) and 50mm x 100mm (38 x 89). They also come in 4 different lengths which are 1.2 meters, 2.4 meters, 3.0 meters and 4.8 meters.

CLS comes in grades C24 and C16 they look the same but C24 is stronger whereas C16 is better for indoor use such as making partitioning and internal walls.

No, it should not be used outside unless it has been treated to make sure it does not rot.

CLS timber is finished on all sides giving it a smaller cross-section than normal sawn timber.