IKO Super Roofing Felt | 10m Slate Green


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IKO Super Roofing Felt | 10m Slate Green


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IKO Super Roofing Felt | 10m Slate Green

IKO Super Roofing Felt is an essential part of any roofing construction. These sheets of tar paper are placed under the shingles of a roof to ensure a weatherproof and durable roof. The waterproof properties of this Roofing Felt eliminates any possibility of leakage and even when used alone can survive and protect against the most extreme of conditions, even storms. It is usually a requirement in UK homes to have some type of Roofing Felt installed, so it is important to choose one that is built to last, this includes IKO.

This particular IKO Roofing Felt is reinforced with polyester, has a guaranteed life of 15 years and is quick and easy to install.  Available in 8m lengths in a colour choice of green or black, or 10m lengths in green or slate green.

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Weight 20000 g

The Torch-On variation of the IKO Roofing Felt is coated with polymer modified bitumen for excellent high temperature control and damage resistance. This combined with the durability and waterproof qualities of the standard IKO Roofing Felt provides a superior product for any and all roofing applications.